Heavy Duty Pallet Racks

  • A versatile and an exclusive offering which enables optimum vertical
  • The pallets racks are manufactured in coherence with the functional
    standards of Material Handling equipments
  • Pallet Racks provide optimum strength and stability, enabling easy as
    sembly and expansion to suit your needs
Light Duty Racking System

  • Light duty racks are the perfect replacement for slotted angle racks
  • Designed to meet the needs of light and medium storage
  • Easy to install as these have boltless construction
Garment Racks

  • Ideal for storage of rolls, fabrics, trims and accessories and finished products
  • Specially designed racks with metal shelves and alternated with materials like MDF board/commercial plywood/wire mesh/embossed decking panels to carry maximum load per tier
  • The smooth finish of the product protects the garment rolls from damages while handling / operation
  • The racks can be inter-connected & converted into a mezzanine floor enabling additional storage for materials
Drive Through Racking System

  • Recommended for warehouses where a large number of items are stocked in pallets
  • Eliminates the need for aisles completely resulting in better space utilization
  • PFirst In First Out System is followed in this racking system
  • Ensures maximum use of space for storage and optimum volume utilization
Mezzanine Floor

  • A robust, rigid and versatile structure engineered to multiply space within space
  • A complete space optimization solution, capitalizing on the vertical space of the warehouse/office
  • It is fabricated using the highest grade of steel and installed by our professionally trained team of technicians
  • Available in various load capacities, sizes & finishes to suit client requirements
  • It can be easily assembled, dismantled, shifted and re-erected enabling atmost flexibility
Two Tier Racking System

  • Designed for areas of limited storage capacity
  • Recommended for warehouses where goods are stored and removed manually from the shelves
  • This cost-effective system increases storage efficiency, capitalizing on the vertical space available thereby providing maximum optimization of floor space
  • Mainly used for storage and order picking of non-palletized goods, bins and cartons
  • Designed with adjustable shelves to carry maximum load with suitable ladders,handrails and catwalks for easy operation of the racking system
  • Available in various finishes, sizes and designs to meet the varying customer's specifications
Slotted Angle Racks

  • Conventional, economic and versatile system well known for itsstrength, durability and multipurpose usage
  • A cost-effective structure enabling easy maintenance with a high scope of usage
  • Quick and easy to assemble, dismantle, modify and shift with a greater scope of flexibility
  • The well designed slots & hole arrangement ensures high tensile strength in the bolting system to enhance the rigidity of the structure and also helps to achieve maximum versatility in bolting positions
  • Designed to store both Heavy Weight Item / Light weight items depending on client requirement
Super Market Racks

  • Enables systematic storage of items & effective product display
  • Professionally designed, these racks redefine display structures making it an ideal option for all type of items
  • The unique display set-up enhances product visibility, ensuring maximum and effective use of space available thereby promoting sales
  • They are light-weighted but sturdy, easy to assemble and can be tailor-made to suit client requirements
Cantilever Racks

  • Ideal for the storage of beams, profiles, pipes, timber, etc.
  • Free height adjustment of its arms available
  • With no front column in the way, these racks are faster to load and unload, lowering handling time and costs
  • They are especially useful for storing long, bulky or oddly-shaped loads
Mobile Racking System

  • An effective storage mechanism with maximum utilization of space at minimum cost
  • Designed to ensure utmost safety and security of important data/documents hence widely used in IT Firms, Banking, Insurance, Warehouses, Factories, etc.
  • Sturdily designed, this modular storage unit has the capacity to store a variety of items by making the best use of the space available
  • Completely eliminates the need for aisles or catwalks
Filing Cabinet, Steel Cupboards and Industrial lockers

  • Cabinet Lockers are available with 18-lockers, 12-lockers, 6-lockers and it having ventilating louvers, arrangement for padlocking or built-in lock
  • Steel cupboard has dual application of utilising either at Industries or at the office
  • Lockers are Powder Coated, provided with individual Locks and are available in different sizes and dimensions as per Customers requirement
Cable Trays, Ladder and perforated

  • Ideal for running all types of cables through separate channels
  • Enables easy access of cables in case of repair or modifications
  • Quick installation and maximum cable carrying capacity thus saving time and cost
  • An effective Cable Carrier System consists of Perforated type cable Tray - PTCT / Ladder Type Cable Tray -LTCT
  • Cable Trays may be-Hot-Dip Galvanized/Painted/Epoxy finished/Powder Coated and GI Finish

  • Pallets are designed keeping in mind that functionality of Material Handling equipments
  • Items can be stored in pallets and moved/ with the help of forklifts, stacker,etc.
  • Pallets are designed as per customer choice and requirement under the following finishes.
  • Finished available : GI Finish Stove Enameled Paint finish Powder Coated finish - Black / Grey